Thursday, February 13, 2014

Contender Green Snap Beans

I wanted to put some color in my early spring garden so I sowed a row of green Contender snap beans next to the yellow wax beans.  The Contender Bush Beans germinates in 6 - 8 days and matures in 55 days.  They are heavy producers.  The more you pick, the more you get.

If you like wax beans and snap beans, you could have a Bean Garden all summer long if you sowed every two weeks before expected frost.  Soak the beans overnight before planting to speed germination.

There are plenty of varieties of green beans or snap beans and I prefer the Contender because of their growth, size, and taste.  My husband's father used the Contender Bush Beans in his garden so you may say that it is traditional to continue to sow that type of beans on the Back Forty.

I add compost and turn the soil, make a shallow trench, sow the beans about 2 inches apart and 1 inch deep, cover and water.  I recommend fertilization after the plants are well on their way to maturity.

To cook green beans, I snip off the ends and to be fancy cut them in the Julienne style.  I let the slightly salted water come to a boil, toss the beans in and cook until as soft or crisp as desired.  To immediately stop the boiling, I cool the beans under running tap water.  Some cooks dunk the beans in ice water.

There are many ways to prepare a dish with somewhat crisp beans:  sauté them with bacon, sauté them with garlic and onions, and sauté them in a Chinese sauce.  Sometimes I like to boil the green beans with potatoes and carrots in one pot.  It makes for a colorful vegetable medley.  What do you like?

In the past, I have bought seeds in bulk but last year I wanted a lesser quantity so I tried Ferry Morse Contender Green Bush Beans and I was surprised because every single bean sprouted and produced.  This year I am planting Ferry Morse. 

Nah, I don't get beans for mention that seed company.  I just like their seed and the price of the packets; however, I do have their permission to use their information.

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