Sunday, February 9, 2014

A Hard Night's Day

My lover and I have been working like dogs in the garden all day long but when we go inside and we hold each other, everything is all right. We are working hard in the garden to put food on the table, to share vegetables and fruit with family and friends.

We work hard in the garden day after day, weather permitting.  We are fair weather gardeners you might say but when we stay inside on a cold winter's day and we hold each other, everything is all right.

We have dismantled the bed, who needs it?  We dismantled the raised bed in the garden.  I found myself wondering what the heck to plant in that box.  I felt restrained and boxed in.  The raised garden box limited my movements when turning the soil.  I don't like to feel boxed in; I want to move freely; roam; and plant my vegetables anywhere and everything will be all right.

After a hard day's work in the garden, my back aches but when my lover of many years hold me tight, I feel all right.  My dearest husband, my lover, and I work hard all day and all night.  We work hard for each other.  We take care of each other and everything will be all right.

Thank you for visiting my blog that today is based on Beatles' first visit to this country and appearing on Ed Sullivan's show.

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