Friday, May 10, 2013

Potato Harvest

Last winter or early this spring, we had a freeze that affected the potato farming communities in Florida, even the few rows on the Back Forty.  Some of the greenery wilted but the potatoes recovered.  Last week hit the farmers with torrential rain and subsequent standing water.  We did all right in my backyard but I feel for the farmers and understand their problem.

Potato Flower
It is believed that the potatoes are ready to harvest after they have bloomed.  Most often the potatoes in my lot do not bloom with the exception of a few blooms this season.

While the vines were still green, bugs started to do serious damage to the leaves and it did not look pretty.  To combat the situation, I immediately dusted the leaves and stalks with a generous helping of all-purpose white flour.  The flour should be applied when dew is present.  It makes a glue and the bugs don't want to get stuck.

Shortly after this, the vines as well as the stalks wilted.  Was this a sign of disease or what?  Oh, no.  The potatoes were ready to harvest.  To make sure that was the case, I carefully dug up a hill and sure enough the potatoes were indeed ready.

After harvesting the red potatoes, I let them 'rest' a few days before eating.  This is to get rid of the earthy flavor and let the juices settle.

A pot of new potatoes boiled with fresh dill is a delicacy when eaten with a dab of sweet margarine.  What else?  Pickled herring will do fine along with crisp Wasa bread and slices of Jarlsberg cheese.  Top this off with Aquavit made earlier and you have yourself a feast like no other.  Cheers.

Reminder:  Sunday is Mother's Day.  Please, honor her.

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