Monday, May 13, 2013

Dancing Queen

I just read that ABBA now has its own newly built wooden museum in Stockholm, Sweden.  It opened a week ago.  Everything ABBA is on display:  platform boots, knitted hats, and glitzy costumes.  The museum details the two couples starting out, young and fresh faced, and visitors can listen to the band members' recollection of the break up and the story of their divorces.

The ABBA brings back memories; however, I was never a Dancing Queen.  Many young men have asked me to dance with them but I always stepped on their toes.  They soon tired of having their toes hurt and bruised.  There is still one man who dances with me but he has big feet and wears steel toed shoes.

Dancing Queen Hosta Plant
Dancing Queen
What has the Dancing Queen got to do with gardening?  Sometimes flowers and plants like good vibrations. Aside from that, there is a beautiful Hosta plant named Dancing Queen.  It is an easy to care for plant and it grows best in partial shade and attracts butterflies.  There is also a gorgeous Amaryllis, also named Dancing Queen, that grows in sunny to partially shade areas; however, all parts of this plant are poisonous.

Thank you goes to the kind folks at Wayside Gardens in Hodges SC for letting me use the beautiful image of the Dancing Queen.  Give them a look and see at

On the way to the garden on the Back Forty this morning, I kicked off my flip flops and pretended that I was indeed the Dancing Queen.  For a few moments, I danced barefoot in the dew in my very own Park while the sea breeze was mussing up my long blond hair.  I'm off dancing  tomorrow.  

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