Thursday, May 2, 2013

Back Support

How often have you said that your back is killing you?  Well, I thought mine was after cutting the grass and fertilizing the lawn on the Back Forty the other day.  I could barely walk upright and I would be a hilarious sight with books stacked on my head for balance and posture while spreading fertilizer on the yard.

I have long wished for some sort of back support, even a motor bike belt, to wrap around my waist to keep me upright.  Lo' knows, I'm uptight, but when my back is hurting I don't feel up to snuff.  Would you?

After a fast food lunch at the local hamburger joint at the beach, my beloved husband suggested that we go to one of the home improvement centers to see what they have available in their tool department--a belt without tools.

Support Belt
Sure enough, the salesman knew what I wanted and needed.  He showed me the belt that he was wearing.  He offered to measure my waist without looking and I said that I wouldn't tell.  Furthermore, he told me that the belt came with suspenders.  Why in the world would I need suspenders?  He informed me that the suspenders prevented the belt from curling and/or slipping.  OK.  I am sold.

The belt is made of "breathable mesh fabric that provides lightweight comfort and lets moisture escape."  It also promotes proper lifting.  It will not prevent you from bending, twisting, and turning the way you want and need to  perform your work.  It makes you more aware of your back and your posture.

When I am wearing the belt, I am walking tall and it does feel snug and comfortable.  Also, I don't slump when sitting.  The belt is fastened by Velcro.  The belt, of course, won't cure what ails me, but it does support my back.

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