Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Meditating in the Garden

There is nothing weird or mystical about meditation and, besides, it is so easy to do.  All that is required is 20 minutes and a quiet place away from phones, TV, radio, and other interruptions and distractions.  The early morning may be preferable but  special time before bed may also be beneficial.  What would also be helpful is to have this time set aside on a daily basis.

I have a most comfortable chair on the porch which is near the green grass, the trees, and the garden.

To prepare myself for a quiet time, I sit with my feet placed together on a soft carpet on the floor and my hands are resting easy in my lap.  Some people may prefer to close their eyes while others may concentrate on a pleasant point in the garden.

Before I actually begin the meditation, I let my whole body come to a relaxed state starting with my feet, my legs, my arms and parts in between.  I let my shoulders and neck relax and finally my face.  Relax.

I inhale slowly.  I exhale slowly.  I am aware of birds twittering and children playing nearby.  I let it go.  I am aware of cars and buses on the road way--people going to work and students going to school.  I let it go.  Whatever other thoughts come to my mind, I acknowledge them and let them go.

I continue my breathing.  I inhale lowly,  I exhale slowly.

Breathing in, I know this is my in-breath.
Breathing out, I know this is my out-breath.
Breathing in, I'm aware of my eyes.
Breathing out, I smile to my eyes.
Breathing in, I'm aware of my whole body.
Breathing out, I release the pain in my body.
--Thich Nhat Hanh

I open my eyes and sit still for a few minutes.  I take in the green grass and the trees.  I stretch my legs and arms before I get up from my comfortable chair.  I feel refreshed and ready to meet the day.

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