Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Algae Blooms

An article about algae bloom affecting the South Florida was sent to me today. One line that caught my attention read that "Excess fertilizer, manure, and partially treated sewage spark nasty algae outbreaks in public waters."  In my opinion, this is true for many waters, not just in Florida.

As an avid gardener, year around, I do use commercial fertilizer sparingly but I usually blend in my compost into the garden soil for enrichment.  There is a grassy ten foot barrier between my garden and the scenic creek that carries water to the Intra Coastal and out to sea.

Instead of herbicides, I hand weed the garden and the lawn.  It is time consuming.  But I think about the birds that scour the lawn for insects and grubs and I feel so much better.  

I also believe that a lot of people drain their swimming pools into drainage ditches.  As you know, chlorine and other chemicals are used in the pools.  

Whatever you as an individual can do to reduce the use of pesticides and herbicides will reduce pollution of our environment.  It does make a difference.  All you have to do is look in your own back forty to see the result--the healthy and happy birds twittering and flying about.

Check out a Press release from the

I hold sacred
the natural order of the earth
and vow to do my utmost
to help turn the tide
of our Earth's devastation.

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