Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Painting the Shed

Early this summer, while the weather was still reasonably warm, I painted the garden shed that was in dire need of some sprucing up--the sooner, the better.  The shed had been power washed last year.  Who was procrastinating?

To do it right, I had to remove old caulking so that the new would stick and seal the crevices. This would protect the shed from rain that may otherwise find its way into the walls.

In addition, I went around the shed and sanded all the nails that I could see and hammered them into the the posts and walls.  I had to use more nails for some of the posts and frames around the windows.  I then painted the nails with Rostolium to prevent rusting.

The shed pretty much matches the house in color. The shed is an extension of our living area.  

To use up old paint, I painted the doors on the inside in a light purple color and to play with the idea of a she shed, I put up some lacy curtains from IKEA.  What do you think?

What color do I paint the doors on the outside, the shutters, and the flower boxes?  I didn't want a screaming color but something that blended it but special.

I settled for Persimmon!  An orangy color. Discreet?

 My husband put up the flower boxes and we
 planted orange Marigolds in the flower boxes and added a flag with a splash of orange among its colors.

He also added an electrical outlet on the outside so we no longer have to open a window for the electrical cord.

We enjoy looking at our shed from the garden, the porch, and the summer kitchen.  It's a happy color!  It's unique.

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