Saturday, August 6, 2016

Pokeberry Plants

I definitely think of the Pokeberry Plant as a tenacious weed that grow up to ten feet in undisturbed soil.  It is beautiful with its tall reddish stems and stalks, green leaves, and dark red luscious looking berries; however, consider all parts to be toxic when ingested.

This Pokeberry shows off its delicate small flowers on a pink stem.

The berries turn green before maturing to the dark red berry clusters.  Some of the berries were missing which is a sign that birds do eat them.  The bird droppings contain plenty of seeds and that is one way the plant is spread.

I groaned and moaned when surveying the way back Back Forty this morning and found one section densely populated with the Pokeberry weed.  The most effective way to get rid of this weed is by manually removing it but it is still too hot and humid for this type of work.

My plan of action is to arm myself with an ax, saw, and clippers and remove as much of the plant as possible and set it out as whole bushes or small trees for the Waste Pro to load up their truck and carry the debris away.  I also have to dig up the roots and remove them.  Am I looking forward to cooler weather or what?

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