Sunday, May 3, 2015

May Plantings

We are definitely fast approaching the end season for spring plantings in Northern Florida.  The other day, I found that the garden centers still have cantaloupe, water melon, and cucumber seedlings available but  I bought a packet of Yellow Wax Beans to sow which will take about 6 days to germinate and about 40 - 60 days to mature.

Egg plants are still available in different stages from small seedlings to full grown plants.  The egg plants in my garden are blooming.  Okra is coming up but some of it needs to be re-sown.  I'll soak the seeds in water until tomorrow morning.  I don't exactly know what is going on with that patch.

We bought a 1/2 bushel of sweet potatoes earlier this spring and we didn't eat them all.  I have two potatoes sitting on the kitchen table and they have sprouted.  It is time to find a spot for them.  If nothing else, they make beautiful sprawling greenery.

The cherry tomatoes are blooming and producing.  Cherry tomatoes may be put out in the garden or grown in containers on the porch.

The corn is in the meadow, so to speak, and the lima beans are searching for stings to climb on.  They have been side dressed and are doing very well.  The weeds are also under control, believe it or not.  It may be temporary.  Remember that corn is heavy feeders so fertilize often with a garden fertilizer, thin the corn out--leaving one plant in each "hill", and by all means hill them up for better and more room to grow in.

To recap what to plant or sow in May in northern Florida:  Beans, egg plants, okra, peanuts, Southern peas, sweet potatoes and cherry tomatoes.  Snap beans may also be sown in the fall.

Southern peas and peanuts make good ground cover.  There are a variety of so called Southern peas and I like any of them as ground cover when the growing season is over for the spring/summer.  The peanuts grow to knee high and have small yellow blooms.  They look nice as a border plant.  The peanuts grow under ground.  In any case, I don't want the garden not to produce and I dislike to give way for weeds.

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