Friday, May 22, 2015

Fried Corn

The sweet Silver Queen corn is growing in garden; yellow, white, and bi-colored corn are at the grocery stores; and any corn is available at the Farmer's Market--now is the season for corn and it is inexpensive too.  There is nothing sweeter than cooked corn with basil.  It is sweet and nothing else is needed.  But, have you heard of fried corn?

We recently went to a Family Reunion in Virginia and there are some good cooks in the Spain family.  We talked and reminisced over plates laden with food and Cousin Betsy asked if I had tasted her fried corn.  No, I had not and I told her I had never heard of fried corn.  She was surprised.

Betsy said that you removed the corn kernels and scraped the cob to get the milky juice, then you fried it in bacon grease.  I was impressed with how simple that sounded.

When I came home, I fried about half a packet of bacon (6 oz) and removed the bacon and some of the grease.

 I removed the kernels from the cob while the bacon was sizzling in the pan.  In addition, I finely chopped up some green pepper harvested from my garden.  I also pulled up an onion with a beautiful bloom (for table decoration) and also finely chopped the onion.  Finely, I chopped up some basil, too.

I carefully dropped the onions and pepper into the heated bacon grease (I didn't need much grease, no reason to indulge), stirred it around and added the corn and mixed well.  For how long?

I prefer the vegetables to be on the crispy side. I stirred until the vegetables were heated through and through; dished the corn up and served it with the bacon to my husband.  He nodded in approval and I must say, it tasted pretty good.

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