Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A Homemade Cake

There is so much to do in May:  fertilizing the lawn and the citrus trees, stringing up the butter beans, cultivating between the rows of corn to keep the weed down, and the list goes on and on.  Such is the life of a gardener.

There are also so many holidays, graduations, and other events in May and we just celebrated Mother's Day.  My husband and I were invited to visit with my granddaughter and her family for that special occasion.  I told her that I was going to buy a ready made cake for Mother's Day and that she could select what she wanted.  "Why don't we bake a cake, just like we did last year? she asked.  I was surprised that she had a happy memory of last year's cake.  It must have been important.

While she was in school, we set out in search of cake bottoms and we came away with four of them from Publix.  They were rather thin, but we had the beginnings of a homemade cake.

We picked the granddaughter up after school and on the way to the motel, we stopped by a grocery store and we let her choose the frosting.  It was going to be chocolate on chocolate.  Yum!

We choose a pink and lavender sheet of letters and numbers so that she could text "Happy Mother's Day."

In addition, small bags of pink and lavender "pearls" caught her eye and they would make for additional decoration.

We went to the motel, rolled up our sleeves, and spread strawberry jam between the layers of cake to break up the monotony of chocolate.  Granddaughter did the rest.  At one time, the cake was covered with "pearls".  You couldn't see the text!

My granddaughter and me, too, had fun making the cake.  It gave her a sense of accomplishing something.  Furthermore, her mother was very much impressed.  We were all proud of the cake maker.  Besides, the cake tasted pretty good.

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