Thursday, April 30, 2015

Black Crows

From time to time, I have written about various birds, large and small, that come to visit the Back Forty and they have all been welcome and interesting to me.  The Back Forty is my sanctuary and it is also a sanctuary for birds and animals.

In the last few weeks, noisy black crows have visited; no, actually they have made my yard and neighborhood their sanctuary as well as their hunting ground.

They start crowing early in the morning and crow about until dusk.  They stand watch high in the tree tops and on lamp posts.  They watch me going to the garden and they don't mind loudly voicing their opinions as if to tell me to stay away from their territory.  What is so scary about the crows is that they are so smart and they will remember you especially if you have tried to chase them away.

Crows are monogamous and they stay together with their offspring and extended family for a long time.  I admire them for being such a close knit family.

But I don't like finding them in my garden.  Are they picking up the seeds that I just sowed?  Are they pulling up the tender plants that are just beginning to emerge?  Shoo!  Shoo!

The crows apparently will eat just about anything that come their way or what they will find foraging, dead or alive.  It may be seeds and plants, vegetables, fruit and berries as well as worms and insects, small rodents and snakes.  One of their favorite food supply is a garbage bag to be picked up sanitation workers.

Crows figure prominently in lores and legends in many cultures.  Once my husband and I visited Sweden with our young children and we were told to put out something shiny, such as a coin, for the the crows and if they accepted, they would leave us alone.

I found an interesting article on the Internet titled :Crow Symbolism and Crow Meanings--What's your sign? It gave me chills the read it.

Lessons Learned:  I claim that the Back Forty is my sanctuary and it is also a sanctuary for the birds.  I can't very well discriminate against the birds that do visit and I can't discriminate against the different kinds of people that I meet in my life.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

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