Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Front Twenty Park

In all the years we have lived here in northeast Florida, we have seldom spent any time in the front yard.  We cut the grass, trim the hedge that hides a wooden fence, and tend to a few bushes around the house.  We have no idea what goes on in the circle where we live.  Our house is rather insulated so most of the time we don't even hear the sanitation workers who come and pick up our debris.

Now that we had to take down our large cedar trees, we have a large empty area in the front.  We put up the flag pole and the flag is flying every day.  We bought a solar light so that we could fly the flag at night too and it seems to be working out fine.

We moved a park bench out to the front yard and placed it near the flag pole.  We were a little uncomfortable sitting on the bench and looking out over our neighborhood.  But a flag pole and a bench was not enough.

We went to one of the garden centers and bought two pink roses to plant on either side of the bench.  At least my granddaughter likes pink and I do too.  Furthermore, we moved a small table out from the back and placed it in front of the bench.  Now, we have somewhere to place our coffee cups.

The other morning, a neighbor made a special trip to the circle to tell us that it was nice to see us sitting on a bench in our front yard.  Our neighbors seldom see us out front.  Thank you, we said.

In time for Easter, we moved a potted plant to the front and hung some plastic eggs on it and it looks nice from a distance.


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