Friday, April 17, 2015

An Osprey in the Pine Tree

The other day, I was enjoying my hazelnut coffee out on the porch after much work in the Back Forty.  It was a delightful afternoon breeze, making the wind chimes play soothingly to still my restless mind.  It was a moment of quietness and stillness in my backyard, my sanctuary.  Suddenly a movement in the pine tree caught my attention.

I grabbed my camera to go and investigate.  Something had landed on a limb and a sort of a large forked tail was flapping.  What is making it flap and what is it?

It was a new bird visiting the Back Forty.  It was an osprey.  The coloration was sharp, black and white.  Usually ospreys are brown speckled.  But this was an adult female and their colors are darker.

Ospreys are noisy birds but this one was quiet.  Of course, it was quiet:  it was feasting on a very large fish.  It was ripping it apart with its powerful beak while holding it steady with its talons.  Ospreys are mostly, if not exclusively, fish eaters.  They catch the fish with its talons while diving.  They are also called "fish eagles."

The osprey may have found a secluded place for its dinner but she soon had company.  The large blue heron joined her.  Oh, boy!  We are going to have a fight.  Guess who left?  The osprey moved its feast elsewhere and the blue heron also took off.

I am happy that birds of all sizes and small animals feel safe enough to visit the Back Forty.  It is my sanctuary and it is their sanctuary too.

Have a Happy Weekend!
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  1. I have never seen an osprey, but now I have, thanks to you. Magical!