Friday, March 6, 2015

Visit from the Owl

I was organizing the seed packets in the Sun Room when I saw this fast soaring shadow outside and I wondered what could make that and had to go outside and take a look.  There he was, sitting on top of the small bird house that my granddaughter had built and painted last year.  She and her granddaddy had put it up.  So it is leaning a bit, but that's OK.

I went inside to get the camera and the owl was still there waiting for me.  He kept turning his head to the right and left so that I could only see the back of his head.  Let me see your yellow beak!

The owls are special creatures with "silencers" at the tip of their wings.  It seems to be extended, if not additional, feathers at the end of the wings that silence the swooshing.  When they do fly, they do not make any noise.  They just appear.  (Info from a PBS program.)

The owl seemed to be very curious about me as I looked at him.  Do we have an understanding here?  How about a smile?

The owls keep coming back to their familiar places and I am sure that the owl recognizes us.

We had a few days of warm weather, but it is back to socks in the crocs.  It is supposed to be warmer next week so that I can go back to gardening on the Back Forty.  Until the, keep warm!

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