Friday, March 20, 2015

Spring Time

Some places are still getting snow and we were fogged in this morning but Spring has sprung.  This is a wonderful time to weed out your flower beds and add mulch and fertilizer to the shrubs.  Why not go ahead and plant a tree while you are at it?

I went out to the Back Forty this morning to take some pictures of pine trees in the fog and I was met with a very strong orange blossom aroma.  It does have a distinct odor that can't be missed or ignored.

Orange Blossom

Scenic Creek
From time to time, I have mentioned the tidal scenic creek that runs along the east side of the Back Forty.  It's a great place to find a heron or two along with white egrets.  Ducks make noisy landings in the creek too but the large black turtles don't seem to mind.  They just keep sunning themselves on the banks.

Have a great weekend and enjoy Spring Break
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