Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Rutabaga

This fall I sowed red top rutabaga; the yellow rutabaga seeds were not available.  As it turned out, the rutabaga was a hit and miss.  Some came up while others didn't.  That was fine with me because I really didn't like the red tops too much. They are too strong for my taste.

The rutabagas that did grow became giants.  This is the last one that I pulled out from the soil.  It grew mostly on the surface of the soil with the roots still in the ground.  I told my husband that I wasn't planning to grow anymore rutabagas but he told me he liked them so that settles it.

I have cooked this particular kind of rutabaga with potatoes after first having cubed both of them to cut down on cooking time.  I have cubed the rutabaga and used it in soups and stews and used it in the crock pot along with meat.  I still have left over rutabaga.

I was told that I may put the rutabaga in the freezer for later use. First, I peel it, cube it, and blanch it and then cool it down under running tap water, bag it, and put it in the freezer.  It may be a good idea for me to label it too.

Sometimes, the Canadian yellow rutabaga may be found in stores and it is usually covered in wax, at least partially.  If you live near an IKEA, look in their food section for ROTMOS, take it home and to cook it, follow the direction.

This fall, I will look for the yellow rutabaga, direct sow and let them grow to please my husband.

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