Wednesday, March 11, 2015


I never know what I might need in the garden aside from a hoe fork, a spade, and a rake.  How about a turnbuckle or two?  A what?  What in the world is that used for in a vegetable garden?  Well, if you have pole beans, you do know.

Not too long ago, we (my husband and I) removed the dry pole butter beans vines and prepared the soil for a new crop as soon as the weather gets warmer.  While working around the poles with three tiers of horizontal wires for the beans to climb on, we noticed that they were sagging quite a bit.

Hmm!  Do we have to rewire or what?  Nah, we can get some turnbuckles and see how that works, my husband said.  That called for a trip to the good people at the hardware store where we found a large selection of turnbuckles at a reasonable price.  Because we had three sections of wires, we need three buckles.

The purpose for the turnbuckles is to let you adjust the cable length and the tension.  It is, however, important that the turnbuckles are suitable for your wires.  The eyelets that the wires are tied to need to be adjusted equally by turning the center piece of the turnbuckle.

My husband loosened the wire at one end and pulled it as tautly as possible.  He cut the wire so that he could thread each end in each eye of the turnbuckle and fasten it by hand or using a pair of pliers.  The end result should be a rather taut wire.

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