Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tree Cutting

Last Wednesday afternoon, the Semper Fi Tree Guys rolled into the circle in their trucks and with their equipment.  It was time to take down the large cedar tree in our front yard that had provided us with shade for so many years.  But with frequent heavy rain showers and winds whipping around, the tree was splitting and blowing apart.  It was only a matter of time for it to come down on its own and that would create severe damage to the house.

 The Tree Guys worked very quickly and exercised the greatest care and caution.  The various branches came down with crashes and thumps and oohs from me.  I was concerned about everybody's safety.

The branches could be taken down without anybody having to climb the tree which could be dangerous because it was rather brittle and the uncertainty of the split.

I do believe that this was the last huge limb to come down and it covered our drive way.  Because of it dense crown, it landed rather softly.  The debris was carried to the curb to be picked up the following morning.

The tall stump was cut as close to the ground as possible and as you can see it split in half as it fell to the ground.

The cedar tree smelled so nice and fresh and the wood was so beautiful.  I wish I could have saved some of these stumps but I have got enough projects.

I must say that I was impressed with the Semper Fi Tree Guys.  They worked so efficiently.

Voices and noises carry on the beach and it impressed me that these guys were not yelling any orders but each one knew what to do.  It also made me happy that we could provide work for a veteran.

Thanks, Semper Fi Tree Guys for a work well done.
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