Friday, February 6, 2015

Go Red for a Healthy Heart

Gardeners do have a head start for a healthy heart with the variety of fresh vegetables.  Not only do gardeners obtain wholesome vegetables but by having and caring for a garden, we also get our exercises.  It strenghtens our arms and legs by tilling the soil and turning the compost pile.  Every muscle in our bodies is being worked when we manually weed the garden, the flower beds, and the lawns.

Today is Go Red for women's healthy hearts, but let's get the guys in on this, too.

The Heart Association proclaims that "At the heart of good health is good nutrition." You and I know in our hearts that it is true.  

We do know what we should eat and how to take care of ourselves, but with all the fast food, pizzas, drinks, and baked goods available to us, it is not so easy.

You know as well as I do that it is the sauces, the gravies, and the condiments that can sink the best planned diet.  

We do know how tempting it is to get a donut for the morning coffee and Oh! I've been working too hard and too long in the garden, let's go get a pizza.  The temptation is there and it's hard to resist.

I recently visited my doctor and she is a tough cookie.  She told me in no uncertain terms to watch my diet and reduce my weight because my triglycerides were borderline diabetes.  I knew that was coming.  

I have started to count calories (if I know what they are) and weigh or measure my servings.  For example, a glass of wine is 4 oz, 2 servings equal 1 cup.  My proteins come in 4 oz servings.  Fresh fruit and vegetables are a must.  I have also started to drink water, 32 oz, and it is in addition to other liquids.  To balance the carbohydrates out, I am taking Omega 3 (OTC) because I don't eat that much fish on a regular basis.

I am going back to the garden and you take care of yourself, eat right, and live a happy life.  Also, for today dress red for a healthy heart.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

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