Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Cedar Tree Split

Only last week did we notice that the tree trunk of our one remaining cedar tree in the front yard was splitting; the more we looked, the more it split.  My husband and I agreed that the tree had to go because two large branches fell off during a recent rain storm with strong winds.  It was no longer safe.

Last fall we had our first Christmas tree removed because it was too close to the house.  The remaining Christmas tree was a haven for an owl that came and visited and robins recently made a rest stop in the tree that was laden with pollen and the cardinals always darted in and out among the branches.  The cedar tree had a hefty crown with long thick branches and it gave shade for the house in the afternoon.

We called the proper people to come out and mark the front yard so that we would know where the sewer, water, and the electrical wires were located.

We also had to obtain a permit from City Hall to  take down the cedar tree that we had planted after Christmas in 1980.

Next, we called the Semper Fi Tree Guys and they immediately came out to appraise the problem.  Yes, they agreed that it had to be removed--the sooner, the better.  It was too late to try to save it--the split was too severe.  The most reliable Tree Guy in the Beaches area gave us an estimate to which we agreed and he said he would get his team together.  "We'll see you in a few days."

Enjoy Valentine's Day and I'll be in touch in a few days
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