Thursday, February 19, 2015

Removal of Yard Debris

On Thursday morning, I met up with the sanitation workers and asked them if they were the same guys who'd come and pick up the yard debris.  They were.  I gestured toward the pile of tree branches and stumps by the curb to show them what they had to look forward to removing.  They were very nice and polite about it.

I then smiled broadly and told them that I was actually waiting for a removal truck with a scoop to come when I heard their truck come.  Now, they were grinning and told me how much they appreciated it.

When the guy from Wood Resource Recovery came to pick up the debris, he positioned his truck in the circle, climbed up into his cab, and started to maneuver the scoop with care and precision.

He lined the branches up so that he could take a full load and dump into his truck.  He did the same with the large stumps.

It did not take him long to remove the remnants of the cedar tree.  He knew what he was doing.  He was also Licensed and Fully Insured.

Now, only the stump in the yard remained and it was to be ground down.  We discovered that the tree had been planted atop of the water and sewage lines leading from the house.  This presented a problem.

So, it was decided to grind the stump up to make the area a flat surface.  The guy from the Jacksonville Stump Removal understood completely. He indicated that he would also grind up the surrounding roots that was stretching from the stump.  He was also Licensed and Fully Insured.

The guy rolled out a grinder similar to the picture (which is not mine) and started working that machine.  Within the half hour, he was finished.  A large mound was  now in place of the stump.

The guy raked up the debris that had scattered from the grinding.  He said to leave it alone and it would settle into the ground once it rained a few times.

I am so impressed with all the tree guys who took down the cedar tree, removed the debris, and ground up the stump within a few days.

We do miss our shade tree and we are in search of other trees to plant in our front yard to give us some relief from the hot summer sun.  If anybody have some ideas or suggestions for a deciduous fast growing shade tree, let me know.

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