Thursday, January 8, 2015

Mole Infestation

Moles are awful looking creatures and they are even worse if they live in your lawn and garden.  Moles spend most of their time underground digging and eating worms, spiders, and insects.  They build tunnels and the dirt is pushed up to the surface and visible as small hills, one after another.

I am taking the hint from my blog's statistics to write about moles and it is not a pretty subject but nevertheless, the moles visit and stay in your yard.

With moles in the yard, they have a tendency to damage tree roots, plants, flowers, and interfere with the irrigation system.  You may even hurt yourself when walking in your yard and stepping into an indentation in your lawn that you didn't see.

You may be able to deter moles by eliminating their food supply by getting rid of the insect population by spraying and making sure that there is no standing water for a breeding ground for the insects.  You may try tossing mothballs into the strategic places in your yard.  

We have been fortunate because we have had few, if any, visits from moles.  We have a rather well established ecosystem on the Back Forty.  We have plenty of birds hunting flying insects and grubs during the day and late into the evenings.  On occasions, hawks come and search for rodents and moles and they have been seen to catch a pray or two.  At night, we have the owls that come and check out their territory for a late supper.


Talk with your local agricultural extension agent to find out what information they have or where you can turn for additional information.

There are several pest control business listed on line that you may contact to find out what they recommend.

Another source is the Standard Feed stores that carry a number of paraphernalia for pest control.  Garden centers may also be helpful

Finally, check out Mole Control HQ (  I found this to be a most informative post with numerous ways to control moles.

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