Monday, January 12, 2015

A Quick Kale Salad

I have enjoyed the half a dozen kale plants that I planted late last fall.  They have really produced.  When we first started gardening, there were no kale plants to buy but we had to sow seeds.  We basically "broadcasted" the seeds and we had a bed of kale that we picked as needed.  They did not grow as large as the kale plants of today.  I'm impressed with this season's crop.

Curly Kale
I am surprised that kale has become so popular for juicing, cooking, and raw in salads.  I must confess that I found the chopped up kale rough to eat in a green salad until one night I saw a cooking show on television.

The chef chopped up the kale, put it in a bowl, and added a couple of tablespoons of olive oil.  Then he massaged the oil into the kale. The result was a dark shiny salad.

I tried this and the massage and oil made a whole lot of difference. I chopped the kale, added the oil and gave it a good massage, and added salt and pepper to taste.

At other times, I have added regular chopped green lettuce, tomatoes, onions and whatever I had available for a salad.

The kale has been touted by some as the "world's healthiest food".  It is certainly one of the most nutritional vegetable and versatile too.  It is loaded with vitamins, some iron, no calories to mention, and no cholesterol.  Enjoy this healthy green.

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