Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Global Warming

It was one beautiful day yesterday.  The birds were twittering more than usual in the afternoon and I thought that our "regular" birds had come out from the deep woods.  I soon discovered that it was the robins that had arrived.  They are among the first harbinger of spring.  But, is spring too early this year?

I was sitting out on the porch and the sun was warming my face.  I was looking at the clear blue sky and the dark, lush grass (winter weeds).  It is not time to cut the grass yet and I couldn't mow the grass with all the birds making a quick stop at the Back Forty. Instead, I filled the two bird baths with clean water and the robins seemed to enjoy the hospitality.

As I was cleaning up some debris in the back yard, I noticed what I thought was a pink/red piece of plastic peeking through the azalea bushes.  The wind must have blown it into the yard.  I went to pick it up and to my surprise I found that the azaleas were blooming.  An this is still January!

Last week I wrote in my blog that December, January, and February were considered the winter months for the growing season in North Florida.  I stand corrected.  Last weekend, we went down to the Standard Feed store and I picked up a planting schedule.  Don't you know that the winter months are now January and February?

Last night, there came a frost, 
which has done great damage to my garden. . .
It is sad that Nature will play 
such tricks on us poor mortals,
inviting us with sunny smiles to confide in her,
and then, when we are entirely
within her power,
striking us to the heart.
--Nathan Hawthorne from
The American Notebooks

Tomorrow we will work.  Thank you for visiting my blog.

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