Saturday, January 17, 2015

A Work Table in the Garden

For a long time, I had been looking for a work table for the garden.  I thought about building one, but it never materialized.  So, one day when I least expected it I came across round reels at a cable company's parking lot.

I went in to negotiate a sweet deal:  How much do you want for one of those reels, I asked.  The sales person wanted to know how many I needed and I told him I only need one that could fit into the car.

He told me that it wouldn't cost me anything and I was delighted at such a bargain.  He helped me load the car, too.

It was rather easy to wheel it to the back of the Back Forty and set it up near the garden.  How convenient!  I no longer had to stoop and I no longer had to use old buckets.

The new old table didn't need any paint:  I was happy with it; but I had cans of paint in the shed that had small amount left over.  It wasn't enough to paint anything so I figured that I get rid of the various paints and spruce up the table at the same time.

It is always satisfactory to reuse and recycle items.     

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