Tuesday, February 28, 2017


One more time from the garden to the table:  this time with my granddaughter.  There was one more cabbage plant that needed to be harvested and what better time than to let a young person experience fresh food while creating a dish of coleslaw within minutes of harvesting.  How fresh can it get?

 Under supervision and with explicit instructions, she pulled up the cabbage from the soil and removed the outer leaves using a large knife.

In the kitchen, she grated the cabbage and a  carrot for some color.

In a separate bowl, she mixed mayo and milk together with a little sugar to taste.

She finally combined all the ingredients in a serving dish.  I assure you that the slaw tasted delicious.

This very nice couple make good gardeners.  They work well together and they have the proper respect for the soil and for the vegetables that the seeds and plants produce.

These gardeners do not use herbicides nor pesticides which makes it safe to eat the vegetables directly in the garden, most often without washing.  Some vegetables never make it to the kitchen table.

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