Saturday, March 18, 2017


When hurricane Matthew blew by our neighborhood last fall, it made a few landscape changes for us to work with on the Back Forty.  There was one particular old and mature cedar tree that was partially uprooted and partially toppled over into a tall palm tree.  It rested very well and very securely against the top of the palm tree.

 However, we were concerned about the tree falling onto our neighbor's fence and yard thus damaging her property.  In the mean time, we had several wind storms but the tree wouldn't budge.

After many months, we finally had Bruce and his gang come to remove the tree.  I thought that he was going to climb up the tree and remove one branch after another.  Not so!

Instead, Bruce secured a "come-a-long" around the tree:  they were going to raise the tree and have it "fall" down in our yard.  Granted, there was plenty of room between the hedge and our one lone palm tree in the yard.

 From my point of view, I saw Bruce climb the cedar tree several time.  I was thinking that he was adjusting the come-a-along.  Not so!

I learned later that Bruce was climbing the tree to chase away a raccoon!

Now that the tree was righted, it was to come down in our yard and it did. It came down with a lot of dust and pollen.


The neighbor's fence wasn't damaged and our blooming bushes were intact.

I was told that the raccoon rode the tree down and then ran away to a safer place on the Back Forty

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