Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Garden Flag

I received the most beautiful garden flag for the holidays.  It is too beautiful to be hanging in the garden.  I must find another place for it.  I have made a copy of the motif that I am sharing with you.

The motif has my flowers on it.  It has blue bells and daisies growing every which way.  They are definitely my kind of flowers, randomly picked, and randomly painted.  These flowers are placed in different pots.

This was a funding event to make some money for a school project at my granddaughter's school.  I think that it was extraordinary nice of her to think about me and to know what kind of flowers that I like.  I am so proud of that little girl.

My granddaughter often suggests that we should stop by a road side and pick wild flowers.  "Look grandma" she'll say, "they are just the kind you like."  If possible, we pick a few but we more often take a picture or make drawings and color the flowers.  You think that pink is her favorite color?

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