Thursday, January 21, 2016

Planting Sweet Onions

One of the home improvement centers had a new and fresh supply of winter plants and herbs to plant.  I also noticed Sweet Onions from Georgia and another kind of Sweet Onions from Texas.  I passed them by because I didn't think I had any room in the garden.

On this fair weather day between the cold snaps, I've been out and turning the soil and removing old plants and weeds.  Come to find out, I did have room for a row of onions.  Back to the nursery I went.

I wanted to get the newly purchased sweet onions in the ground before the expected rain for tomorrow.

The onions were covered with dry dirt so I put them in a bucket of water for a short soaking while I fixed up the row in the garden plot.

It was so much easier to pull the onions apart after the soak.  They just slid apart.  The dry set seemed to be a tangled mess.

I made a furrow the length of the garden about 12 feet and about 2-3 inches deep.  I planted the onions about 3 - 5 inches apart.

I had visions of large juicy sweet onions growing in the soil for the next three months so I wanted each onion to have plenty of room to grow and develop.  If it does get down to freezing or threat of frost, I will cover the tender green tops of the onions with left over hay.  That should keep them warm.  When the weather gets warmer, it will be easy to gently remove the hay with a rake and use it as much.

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