Thursday, November 5, 2015

What to Plant in November

It is somewhat of a stretch to think about a winter garden when it is sunny and the temperature is in the 80's; however, next week may be different in Northern Florida.

I have finished picking the Contender snap beans, pulled the vines and will add them to the compost pile..  Then I will old compost and nutrients to that row, spade it in, and make it smooth for the small seeds of mustard, kale, and turnip that I have mixed together.  The germination for these greens is about 7 - 10 days and the maturity time is 45 - 70 days.

A light frost will enhance the taste of these nutritional and healthy greens.  I usually cook the greens and eat them with pickles and pickle juice.  Some people use the tender greens in salads and others use them in smoothies.

Another reason for the greens is to create a border.  We also use them as a cover crop for the winter months.  We cannot possibly eat all the greens but they will keep in the garden for a long time.

We just returned from Standard Feed and they had good looking cabbage plants and collard plants on display.  Some claim that the collards are the "new" kale.

It is not too late to sow beets and carrots.  They are cold weather vegetables.  The beets that I sowed gave up their ghosts for Halloween but I have sowed more and I am waiting for a positive result.

If onions are available, get some and plant them.  I use some of them early on because 100 days make for a long growing period.

Along with the Scarlet Globe Radishes, I also bought White Icicle Radish.  These radishes will germinate in less than a week and will be ready for your salad in about 35 days.

Happy gardening!
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