Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A Salute to Veterans

Due to medical reasons we had decided that travel in the near future was out of the question; but, the call came from the long haired girl inviting her grandfather to attend a program at her school to honor the Veterans.

The follow up appointment with the doctor was cancelled and at three o'clock in the morning I found myself making hamburgers and baking corn muffins to take along on our trip heeding our granddaughter's invitation.

At nine o'clock on Monday morning, we attended a program in an intermediate school in the Pensacola area to honor the Veterans.  The children sang songs and read poems and a US Congressman made a speech about celebrating the Veterans who had so valiantly served and protected this country.

Our granddaughter had decided to do something special to honor her grandfather who is a Veteran.  She made a poster and it was pinned up on the wall in the cafeteria in the school for all to see.

Her grandfather along with many, many Veterans in and out of uniform from all the branches in the Armed Forces were well represented and seated prominently on stage.

It touched me to see such a sea of young children dressed in red, white, and blue seated on the floor in front of the stage forming the flag and saluting the Veterans.

In addition, the children waving flags and giving out home made Thank You notes lined the corridor leading to the Media Center for punch and cake.

The young children as well as all in attendance had an opportunity to learn about people serving and defending this country.  It was a learning experience with much thought and effort.

Hopefully, the children conveyed a feeling to the Veterans who served this country to protect our freedom that they will never be forgotten and they will always be honored.

Thank You for Your Service, Veterans!

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