Wednesday, November 18, 2015

French Onion Soup

This post is in honor of Michel, my French connection.  It grieved me to hear about the attack in Paris; however, life goes on and I want to share with you this oh! so sweet French Onion Soup.

I recently enjoyed going to the Farmer's Market and couldn't resist four large and firm yellow onions of which I only used two for my soup.  I have never made Onion Soup before so I had to look up a recipe to see what I needed to do and I found the French Onion Recipe/Simple

I peeled and sliced the two large onions and tossed them into a large pot with canola oil and kept stirring frequently to let the onions caramelize.  That means for the onions to turn blond/brown and soft and to aid in this process, I added a couple of table spoons of sugar.  Do you think that is what made the finished soup so sweet?

I added minced garlic from a jar to the onions and kept stirring.  I made stock from already cooked chicken legs.  We use what we've got.  I also went out into the garden to snip off a small bouquet of thyme and added it to the soup along with black pepper.

At the end of the cooking of this soup which takes a little while, I added a serving of Brandy (after having a taste of it first).

To complete this meal, I turned the oven on to about 450 degrees F, cut some hefty slices of French bread and topped the slices with grated cheese.

I served this sweet and filling French Onion Soup in a large bowl with the piece of bread with the melted cheese in the bowl on top of the soup.  Now, do I served it with a fork or a spoon?  Maybe both.

Later on in the evening, we lit a white candle, filled small glasses with the Brandy and thought about our French friend(s).

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