Monday, July 27, 2015

Surf Fest Summer 2015

Summer time and it is time to go dip my toes in the surf and forget about gardening.  The weeds are doing very well without my help.

The other week, there was a Super Grom Surf Fest in Jacksonville Beach with a lot of young kids who wanted to build sand castles, fly kites, and ride a surf.

It was a great introduction for youngsters.  They learned how to keep the balance on a surf board and how to safely fall off it.

The kids lined up with their instructors waiting for the perfect wave and mothers and grandmothers lined up on shore to take the perfect pictures.

Today's Tip:  When at the beach and your feet are covered with sand, sprinkle a generous amount of baby powder and gently brush it off with your hands.

Thank you for visiting my blog.
Stay hydrated.
Use sun screen.
Have a nice summer.

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