Thursday, July 16, 2015

My Secret Garden

My garden is so overgrown at this time; I can't even find it.  The corn stalks are only a reminder of the sweet Silver Queen we picked not all that long ago and the tomatoes that weren't stalked are meandering.  It is too late to sow a ground cover of beans to enrich the soil and hold the weeds down.  Oh, well!  Another growing season is fast approaching.

Not too long ago, one of the major news networks covered a story about coloring books for adults and that perked me up.  Women of all ages gathered together to color, paint, and talk.  It relieved stress and it was fun, they claimed.  Not to mention a break from the so called "high tech."

In a recent Sunday issue of Parade magazine inserted in the news paper, there was another story about coloring books for adults and they gave free samples to print.

Check out:

My granddaughter is visiting and that was an excellent opportunity to stock up on water colors, acrylics, crayons, colored pencils, and so on.  I like coloring, painting, with acrylics.  They dry fast and they can be painted over.

To see what the free prints looked like, I printed some of them out on regular printing paper and we attempted to color with markers but the ink ran through the paper.

I had paper available for water colors that had to be modified (it was too wide for the printer).

So, my granddaughter and I have colored our secret gardens this week and we talked about art, our feelings for art, and had our artistic disagreements.  The outcome of the talk was that she had to create her own secret garden, to use her colors, and her imagination.  We really had a wonderful coloring party for two.

Enjoy your own coloring party.
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