Friday, July 24, 2015

Different Names for Butter Beans

I have a distinct taste for butter beans; however, not all butter beans are the same. There are some misconceptions about this beautiful, nourishing, easy to grow, and good tasting butter bean.

The butter beans that grow so well in my garden on the Back Forty are known as Carolina beans, Sieva beans, and bush or pole beans.

Then there is the Lima bean that is also known as butter bean.  The Lima bean may very well come from Peru but it is much larger than the Sieva bean.  It is "mealier".  It is often sold frozen in grocery stores and served in restaurants.

You may find both Sieva and Lima at Farmers' Markets, shelled or not.  It is relaxing to sit on the porch and shell butter beans although it is time consuming.  The Sieva beans freeze well, too.  Blanch, rinse, and bag 'em.

The Sieva beans are much smaller than the Lima beans; however, the Sieva beans are not baby Lima beans. If left on the vine, they not grow any larger:  they  will brown and dry out.

These are my notions and if you like to grow Lima beans, fine.  If you like the taste of the Lima beans, that is fine with me.  And if you don't like any kind of butter beans. . . .What do you grow?

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