Thursday, November 6, 2014

Yellow Wax Beans

Yellow Wax Beans is the generic and most common name for a variety of the wax bush beans.  They come in different shades of yellow: some are light greenish and others are pale yellow.

I sowed my wax beans in early September and I have been harvesting them for several weeks. They mature so fast if left alone and I did not pick them when they were young and tender, but the more mature yellow beans are fine, too.

The yellow wax beans do add color to a bean salad mixed with their green relative and red kidney beans.  Otherwise, I treat the yellow beans as I do the greens beans:  cook them in a little bit of salted water and serve.  How is that for imagination?

Yellow Wax Beans

The yellow beans will also freeze well.  I prefer to snap off the ends of the beans, blanch them in water, cool under running cold tap water, pack in plastic bags or containers and put them into the freezer for later.

This year I sowed the seeds in double rows next to the green beans and it turned out all right.

Next year, I believe that I will plant one double row of green beans, two rows of cabbage, and the yellow wax beans. This way the beans should be harvested in time for the cabbage to really start to head up and it will give me room to maneuver on either side of the cabbages.

One sure thing about beans, green or yellow, is that you can't go wrong whether it they are planted in the  spring or fall.  It is more or less a quest of finding the beans that taste good and looks good.

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