Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Candle Making Made Easy

When I was cleaning up the sun room in time for Thanksgiving so that we could enjoy our meals overlooking the Park, I came across some large and small candles in glass jars that I almost threw out.  So much wax that was going to waste, I thought.  Why not melt it down and make new candles to decorate the table for the holidays?.

Warning:  Melting wax is a dangerous undertaking and I urge you to be cautious and exercise great care.  

To prevent the candle in a large jar from rattling or maybe even breaking, I put a small dish cloth in the bottom of the pot that I had half filled with water.  I put the candle jar onto the cloth in the pot and let it slowly warm up, simmer, and melt. I was keeping a careful watch on this pot!

To remove the hot jar with the melted wax, I simply used two pot holders and carefully emptied the wax into my smaller pot that I use for melting wax to seal my jars for jams.  (I let it stand and harden because I was not ready to make candles.)

To melt the wax, I put the pot with the wax into a larger pot with water and let it come to a slow simmer.

I used plain half pint jars for my new candles.  I bought wicks with fasteners at an arts and crafts store and glued a fastener with the wick to the bottom of each jar.

I am planning to make my own wicks and using a bolt or a nut to fasten to the bottom.  It won't show.

Also, for one of the candles, I broke up a red crayon and added it to the melted wax in my pot to color the wax, stirred it gently with a wooden stick, and made a pink candle that my granddaughter will like, I'm sure.

I used glass jars for my new candles but small cans may be used as well. Make your own borders and labels or paint the cans if you like. Enjoy your own homemade candles..

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