Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The First Freeze

We are barely into the middle of November and the weathermen are warning about a freeze, even along the north east Florida coast.  Are they kidding?  The Ocean is supposed to keep us warm.  The national weather forecast warned that Pensacola on the panhandle would dip down to 29 degrees.

It is supposed to be short but cold enough to use the frost blankets.  My husband made a tent over the tomatoes and the pepper plants that are still blooming and producing.  The potatoes have large sprawling vines and we are leaving them uncovered.  We should have potatoes as soon as the vines have wilted naturally in a few weeks.

The mustard and turnip greens are supposed to acquire a sweeter taste after a frost so they will survive this cold spell.  I sowed the Oregon Pea Pods recently but they have not sprouted yet, thank goodness.  The cold would not affect full grown vines but I am concerned about tender plants and blooms.

It is helpful to water the garden thoroughly before frost or freeze is expected.  The moisture in the ground will keep the soil warm especially under a tent.

It is recommended to bundle up hibiscus plants.  They are susceptible to prolonged cold weather.  The same is true for poinsettias.

The oranges are gaining their distinct color and maturing on the trees but we are not covering them up.  The peel is providing protection against this fast freeze.

Mulching flower beds and garden beds will help keep the moisture in the ground and hopefully prevent plants from freezing.

Finally, don't forget to take care of yourself and bundle up in layers of clothing.

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