Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Squirrels in the Soffit

Colder weather is definitely on its way because the squirrels built a nest in the soffit above the summer kitchen.  The soffit is the boxed in area under the eaves.  When the builders made the screened in porch (summer kitchen), they failed to seal the area between the soffit and the roof to the porch.

We have had squirrels around the house and the Back Forty for the ten years that we have lived here and they have left the garden alone.  They have plenty of pine cones to eat and they seem to like them very much.

This fall two squirrels decided to make the suffit above the summer kitchen their winter home.  When we came out to make our breakfast, they started to stir around.  When evening came for us to enjoy our summer kitchen, the squirrels did too.  They had no problems running up and down the fence and leaping from nearby trees.

Wait a minute!  We have to have some rules here!  Squirrels do not come into my house is one rule, but how do I make that known to the squirrels?

My husband got the ladder out and removed a couple of small vents in the soffit and you would not believe the nesting material that he pulled down.  It consisted of fine cedar strips and shavings.  My husband said that he respected the squirrels for their selection that would not attract bugs.

We decided to fill a small water bottle with ammonia and insert a rag into the bottle, making sure that the rag was soaked with ammonia.  We then pushed the bottle with the ammonia in through the vent and left it where the squirrels had made their nest.

It seemed to be working because the squirrels did not come back to that area but they were still coming back into the soffit  We tried to plug up the entrance area by using flashing but they pushed it aside and continued to come.  Smart squirrels!

We filled another bottle with ammonia and inserted a rag into the bottle, soaked it with ammonia, and put it at the back of the entrance so that the squirrels couldn't push it out:  they would have to drag it out.

The ammonia is a strong and humane deterrent against squirrels.  It is harmless for vegetation if sprayed.  It dries quickly and leaves no odor.

Guess what?  The squirrels finally got the message and left but they are still in the Back Forty area.  They seem to watch me with great caution when our paths cross.

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