Monday, December 9, 2013

The Fall Garden

For the fall garden, I had the most difficult time with the broccoli.  After eagerly waiting for the plants to appear in garden centers, I must have blinked one time.  There was no broccoli to be found.  I asked how come there was no broccoli and was told that it had been too wet, too dry, or too hot and so on for the supplier to grow and bring broccoli to the centers.

Eventually I was able to obtain some broccoli plants but I also decided to sow seeds in small containers.  It took a long time for the seeds to germinate and when they finally appeared, the plants were stringy.  I planted them out into the garden any way and they are struggling.    Needless to say, there will be no broccoli to put in the freezer this season.
Red Cabbage

I did not have any better results with the cabbage.  Worms, bugs, and insects feasted on the cabbage plants.  I am glad to oblige although I twice replaced the plants.  The last cabbage plants looked like small rosettes.  The are doing well so far and I am curious to see what they will look like when they become fully headed up into large round balls.

Last year, my red cabbage did poorly but this year the red cabbage is doing much better. It may be because we planted them in the wooden box.  Maybe they could have done just as well outside the box.

We did get a good crop of green beans.  Roughly, I brought seeds for about $1.50 and if I had bought the mature snap beans in the grocery store, I would have paid almost $25 for the crop.  I consider that a sound investment; however, this does not include compost and fertilizer, and the cost of material  for making the wooden box where they grew.

We sowed radishes and they matured to the largest radishes I've ever seen.  The green tops grew dark, thick, and tall.  I was surprised that size of radishes were rather mild.  We also sowed red and green lettuce near the radishes.  The green lettuce is still doing well but the red lettuce was stumped in its growth.  Next time, we'll sow them in the box.

So far this year, we have been able to harvest some vegetables from the garden and I am looking forward to close out the fall season and start a winter garden.

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