Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Virginia is for Apple Lovers

My husband and I recently stayed in Winchester VA and we had a breathtaking view  of the setting sun over the hazy blue mountains.  We have earned many blisters walking the Appalachian Trail in Virginia.  Did I say that Virginia is for lovers?  Does that include hikers?  Yes, indeed.

Virginia has the mountains and the beaches.  Last weekend there was an exciting NASCAR Race but a bit controversial.  How about the college football game between Oregon State and University of Virginia?  It did not go well for the Cavaliers.

In Winchester, there was a quiet remembrance of one of Virginia's best known and best loved country singer--Patsy Cline.  She was born 8 Sept 1932 and died in a plane crash on 5 Mar 1963.  A bell tower has been erected in her memory at the Shenandoah Memorial Park in Winchester.  The bell plays hymns daily at 6.00 p.m, the hour of her death.

Virginia is also known for its apples and you can still pick your own.  I have made too much jam this season, but I still have room in the freezer for some apples.

To prepare a syrup for the apples, heat 4 cups of water with 2.5 cups of sugar.  When the sugar s dissolved, add 1/2 ascorbic acid powder and stir.  Remove from heat and let the syrup cool.

In the meantime, slice about 3 pounds of apples and remove the core.  I prefer the Gala apples and I do not remove the skin. The Gala apples are firm and have a nice color.

Finally, pack the apples with the syrup in plastic containers or in zip lock bags and put in the freezer where they could last until next season.

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