Friday, September 6, 2013

Grandparents Day

Last year, our son invited us to celebrate Grandparents Day with kindergarteners, including our granddaughter, at their school.  I have never seen so many 5-year olds in one place and furthermore I have never seen so many grandparents coming from near and far to attend a thirty minute visit.

The children had only been in kindergarten for a few weeks and they came bursting in to the cafeteria in such an orderly manner, mind you, stretching their necks, eyes darting and scanning the room for their grandmothers and grandfathers.  I was also craning my neck to see my granddaughter in a sea of kids.

The tables were decorated with place mats created by the gifted kids and I received a handmade card with a picture that so truly depicted the essence of me.  But such are the children:  directly to the point--their brains have not mastered censorship yet.  There is no telling what will happen on the upcoming Grandparents Day.

When my granddaughter was visiting last summer, we spent time in the garden harvesting carrots, beans, and onions.  She was most interested in making that excursion to the Back Forty to see what we could find.  She must have told her art teacher about her grandmother and the garden because the following text was glued onto the card albeit upside down.

Some \time ago, my granddaughter and I waited patiently in a line when I told her that we were also taking in the sunshine with the very important vitamin D that is so good for our health and well being.  Ever since, she has talked about sunshine and vitamin D and just to check, I wanted to know how she got that information.  "You," she said.  Some things stick with the kids while other things are best forgotten.

The teachers, aides, and volunteers had gone all out to make Grandparents Day a celebration.  They had decked out two, or was it three? long tables with fruits, cakes, cookies, crackers and cheese, along with other delicious finger foods.  There was plenty of coffee, tea, and juice to drink.  Flowers, plates and napkins were also so nicely color coordinated and displayed. It was a feast for the eyes and the palette.

Granddaddy, the tractor cat, and I are making plans for the upcoming trip to celebrate another Grandparents Day with the children at the Green Ridge and we are indeed looking forward to this very important event.

If you are a grandparent, I hope that you will spend some time with your grandchildren
You are such a necessary part to the children's growth and well being.
Thank you for visiting my blog.

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