Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fall Vegetable Plants

When I was looking for plants to set out in the garden for this fall, it seemed that the big box store had the same kind of leggy herbs and vegetables it carried all summer.  One of the home improvement centers had nice looking trays of red cabbage at a nice price.  Most of the plants, we got at the seed store down town in Jacksonville, Florida.  We selected the following plants:

Two (2) boxes of Green Cabbage @ 9 plants in each.  The cabbage was planted in a row in the garden near the raised box.  They will mature in 75 - 120 days.

Two (2) boxes of Packman Broccoli @ 9 plants in each.  They were planted in two rows in the garden next to the cabbage.   They will mature in 100 - 130 days.

One (1) box of White Cloud Cauliflower @ 9 plants.  They were planted next to the broccoli.  They will mature in 120 - 150 days.
One (1) box of Georgia Collards @ 9 plants.  Some of them were planted at the edge of the garden.  They will mature in 60 - 80 days.  Believe me, we don't need nine collards.  They were not available in pots with only one plant in each or six plants in one box.

The collards keep producing well after the 80 days when the lowest leaves are harvested.  Some like to cook the collards for a long time and season them with smoked meat.  They are nutritious and delicious with the watermelon rind pickles made earlier this summer.

What a great wayto spend the day at the beach.  Instead of making castles in the sand, we made furrows in the soil.   Excuse me while I limp to the porch to take my muddy shoes and socks off so that I may go inside and collapse.

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