Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Trivia at Culhane's

The grass is cut and edges are trimmed.  The vegetables plants are fertilized.  My hair is washed and I am showered and clean.  I am even wearing lipstick and black nail polish.  The latter is to hide the stubborn garden dirt.  Sometimes, I have to leave the garden, straighten my back out, and venture out beyond the park.  Tonight my husband and I are going to Culhane's, an Irish Pub in Atlantic Beach FL to play trivia with the ladies from Silver Sneakers--an exercise group for senior citizens.

Trivia is on every Wednesday night and most of the ladies attend to play some serious game.  I don't like to play trivia:  it is so trivial.  Who was the 35th president of the US?  That is the type of questions in trivia.  There are many questions about music, movies, sports, and literature.  I have never heard of the people or events involved in most of the questions asked.

Culhane's is a place where we can meet and socialize, tell about our families, talk about trips we have made or plan to take.  We show clippings from the local newspaper and voice our opinions about the elected officials in City Hall.  Some of the ladies enjoy their beers and I enjoy my Chardonnay.  My husband is the designated driver so he drinks soda and takes me home.

In his recent book, Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, Guy Fieri, star of Food Network, cautions the readers about letting the strip mall appearance fool you.  Fieri writes:  "You walk in the front door and you are transported to County Limerick, Ireland."  He favors the Guinness Stew which is "funkin' unbelievable."

Neither my husband nor I have any Irish roots, but Culhane's is a popular place for dinner, a glass of wine or beer with friends, and a game of trivia.  We once had a generous serving of fish and chips in the dining room.  It was delicious.  We've also had potato skins and finger food while pursuing trivia.

The ladies and my husband are very good trivia players and they have been known to take home a first place now and then.  This is without any input and helpful suggestions from me.  Now, what does Trivia at Culhane's have to do with gardening?  That is a trivial question.

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