Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Last Thursday, the temperature reached 100 degrees F.  It hovered around that unbelievable number a short time.  When my husband came home from Silver Sneakers, I put my foot down and declared:  "No cooking today!"  After a short discussion, we decided to go for Bar-B-Que.

I hopped into the car and made myself comfortable.  I fasten the seat belt, checked my lipstick, and changed my reading glasses for some spiffy sun glasses.  We almost made it out of the neighborhood and through the green light.  Oh, wait!  I better check on the cell phone and plug it in to be recharged.

I started to look for the cord.  It should be between my seat and the console.  Hm!  What is this?  The cord isn't coiled.  What the heck is this?  Holy smoke!  Stop the car!  It's a frickin' snake!  A snake!!!  I'm otta here.

Luckily, the light was turning red as I was reaching for the door.

What is it?  What's the matter with you, woman?  My husband was yelling, too.  It was full blown panic in the car, the kind of panic that is detrimental to your heart.

He pulled over to the soft shoulder and I was out.  Again, my husband wanted to know what the heck was going on, what was causing the commotion.  I told him that I was reaching for the cord and almost grabbed a snake.

My very brave husband managed to shoo the snake out of the car and onto a grassy area.  We could not figure out how in the world the snake got into the car.  Where did it come from and how long had it been in the car?

It was no reason to hurt the snake or even worse, kill the snake.  It was not poisonous.  It was a long but slim snake, about 15 inches.  I've come across this type of snakes when weeding around the red top hedge by the garden.

After much research, I found out that the these snakes are "burrowers" spending much time in soil under logs and bushes.  They have a sharp tip on their tails that is used to help them dig.  The Eastern Worm Snake as they are called eat slugs, snails, and soft-bodied larvae.  The snakes are found in meadows, backyards, and at the Back Forty.

I am wondering if Eve screamed when she found a snake in her Garden?

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