Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Wise Owl in the Park

Some mornings, I wake up to a terrific commotion in my Park.  The winged sentries--the ospreys, the crows, and an assortment of smaller birds are screaming, crowing, and twittering.  What is going on?  I wobble out of bed to look out of my bedroom window to see the birds circling and swooping down and about the cedar tops.  Oh, gee!  They are ganging up on the wise old owl in the pine tree.

When the sun came up, I went outside to look for the owl.  I didn't see him him but found his generous droppings, his calling card, on the garden box by the pond.  Thanks.

The droppings gave me a hint as to where I might find the owl.  I looked up and scanned the huge trash tree behind the cedars and sure enough, there he was, all burred up and alert.  The wise old owl is more protected in the trash tree away from the exposed lone pine.  He was awake. He was watching me!

We don't know what kind of an owl he is, but we are guessing that he is a common barn owl who have chosen wisely to visit our sanctuary.  Sometimes, we hear the owls calling to each other in the stillness of the night.  It is somehow comforting.  Whooo!  Whooo!

Come grow with me!  Tomorrow, I plan to make grapefruit marmalade.


  1. It's a Barred Owl, if you hear it coo it should ask you who cooks for you? The other birdds were formijng a "mob" to try to chase it away.

  2. You are absolutely right. The owl is still in the Park calling for her mate in the early morning.