Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Romantic Valentine

A Romantic Valentine Day's Lunch

On our Back 40, my husband and I have cleared out a small area for a park bench, an Adirondack chair, and a low table for a romantic luncheon for two on this Valentine's Day.

I have set the table with a rugged white and red table runner (actually, a throw rug), cloth napkins, flatware, and delicate glasses for wine.  I have also arranged red Azaleas in a ceramic vase.

What are we having?  I have cooked carrots and garden peas for doctoring up a can of Hanover Clam Chowder soup.  I have made peanut butter sandwiches with homemade strawberry jam on whole wheat bread.  My husband have bought a bottle of Chardonnay which will go well with the PBs.

For dessert, we are sharing the obligatory box of chocolate, a small box, and sweet Florida strawberries that are now in season.

However, it is not a good day for a picnic with heavy clouds and threat of cold rain.  "Pick up the bottle of wine and the glasses and let's go inside," my beloved tells me.  Who am I to argue with such a flirtatious invitation?  "But first I have a surprise for you that I want to show you," he says.  Now my curiosity is peaked.

He takes me by the hand and I follow to the south side of the house.  "What is it?" I ask. "Roses for my Valentine," he declares and gestures with his hands to three rose bushes tightly bundled up and leaning against the house.

"I deal with you now," I say with a big smile on my face, "and I will deal with the roses tomorrow,"

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