Monday, June 13, 2016


We were having a leisurely breakfast with our granddaughter in Pensacola and we discussed a hero, Captain Jeff Kuss USMC, who lost his life by going down in his plane to avoid crashing into a residential neighborhood.

This morning the sky was clear blue. The sun was glittering over the waters and warming the sand on the beach.  It was the promise of a wonderful day in the making when we heard about the grim and senseless massacre in Orlando, another fun loving city in Florida shattered by gun fire.

We were devastated and chocked to hear the news.  

We are saddened for the families and friends and the community in Orlando.  

One more time, we have lowered our flag to half mast 
and we will hoist the flag again on Thursday at sunset.

Let us be kinder to each other and nurture each other and keep us out of harm's way

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